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How to use gmscoreboard's API

With gmscoreboard you can do two things. Both api calls use a single http request and return a status variable which equals "success" or provides error information in the JSON format. You will first need to login and add a game to your dashboard.

1. Update a new score to the database.


Click here to submit a score, edit the url in the address bar to set a player name and score then press enter. View the submited scores on the example scoreboard.

You will need to replace "YOUR-GAME-TAG-ID" in the code above with your actual tag id found on your dashboard. This is a unique identifier for each of your games and must not be shared with anyone.

The "PLAYER-NAME" can be any string of letters or numbers with a maximum length of 14. Duplicates are allowed.

"NEW-SCORE" is the actual score to add to the database, numbers only (no commas) and keep it under 1 billion.

1.5 Securing your Update calls

It is strongly suggested you encrypt your calls but completely optional. This helps with securing your scoreboard against other people figuring out how to update it.

Edit the settings of your game in the gmscoreboard.com dashboard by opting into the "Require Hash" setting. A unique Hash Key will now show up on your dashboard for that game.

Take the Hash Key add the player name and score(as a string) to the end of it and use sha1 hashing on the string. The sha1 function will differ depending on what language you are ussing but should look something like this:

var HASH = sha1_string_utf8(string(hashkey) + string(player_name) + string(player_score));

Send the hash variable along with the normal update call like so:


Wish the "Require Hash" setting only calls with the hash using your hash key will be accepted to your scoreboard. Do not share this hash key with anyone.

2. Request scoreboard data in a JSON format.


You can see the above code in action with my example scoreboard by clicking here

A json encoded string is returned with a status variable and however many pX and sX variables coresponding with the top scores for your scoreboard where X is that row(1-10).

The same as with the above code. You will need to replace "YOUR-GAME-TAG-ID" in the code above with your actual tag id found on your dashboard.

The getscore variable is how many rows of the top scores to request currently the maximum that can be returned this way is 10.

Game Maker Studio Example

GM Scoreboard was originally created for game maker studio but can be used by any game and enviornment with connection to the internet. Game maker studio developers can find a handy example gmx here.

GM Scoreboard works great in Android and and iOS ports but can only update scores in HTML 5 games made with game maker. You cannot get scoreboard data in game using HTML 5 (Game maker does not support it). You can always use the following gml function to link to your scoreboard page where your players can view their scores.

url_open_ext("http://gmscoreboard.com/example-scoreboard", _blank);