How to use and install GM Scoreboard

If you have a copy of GameMaker:Studio and wish to learn from an example, you can download the zipped .gmx file below. You may install by merging this file with your game or by following the step by step guide below.

You will still need to replace YOUR-GAME-TAG-ID with your actual tagid within the code.

Installing GM Scoreboard Manually

This guide does not require the file above. This will teach you how to setup GM Online Scoreboard within a game already created using Game maker. it's a simple 3 step process, however it does require some basic Game maker script knowledge.

GM Scoreboard does not require the use of game maker, sending an http get request to "" with your tagid, player, and score will get the job done. Instructions for use within Game Maker are below

1. Create an account or login, you will be taken to your account settings page.

2. On the account page, you can write a description about your game and upload a .jpg image to display as the banner for your scoreboard page. You will also see "Your Tagid: xxxxxxxx" this will be used to identify your scoreboard when you update it within your game code. Do not share this tagid, keep it private.

3. Using your game maker program, create a script called scr_update_gmscore or you can name it whatever you like. To do this click the create a script button, or right clicking on the scripts folder and then clicking the create a script option. Inside this script copy and paste the code below.

For Game maker HTML5, and Studio use this code:


For Game maker 8.1 or earlier use this code:


Now replace the section of the code you just pasted that reads YOUR-GAME-TAG-ID with your actual game tag id located on your account settings page. Congratulation, GMScoreboard has been installed!

You can update a new score to the scoreboard anytime by calling the script we just made. Entering a player name, and a score just like the example below. Remember that names need double quotes but numbers and variables do not.

scr_update_gmscore("player name here",score)

Things to know:

Scores cannot exceed 999,999,999
The scoreboard currently ranks in order of highest to lowest.