GM Scoreboard Help Guide

Installing GM Scoreboard is quick and easy, be sure to create an account before continuing.

Install by Merging .gmx

If you have a copy of GameMaker:Studio and wish to learn from an example, you can download the zipped .gmx file below. You may install by merging this file with your game or by following the step by step manual install guide.

You will still need to replace YOUR-GAME-TAG-ID with your actual tagid within the code.

Retrieving scoreboard data inside your game

GM Scoreboard allows the top 10 scores to be retreived as a json encoded srting, via http_post request. An example is given below.

If you have GameMaker:Studio you can view the full example on how to get the data and display it within your game. Download the .gmx file below.


Open the project, and expand the scripts folder. For the first two scripts in this folder, Replace the section of the string reading YOUR-GAME-TAG with your actual game tag. Then you can run the game to see the demo in action